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Car Projects

Innovation of products is one of our specialties. We not only develop new designs, but give existing products through design refinement and a special character. Tailor-made for our customers, we develop unique designs that stand out and polarize. With a special coating - and paint technology, we make care parts to a unique style. Our ranges are from the antenna up to the accelerator pedal. We create individual unique removable small parts, indoor and outdoor areas that will set remarkable accents in appearance. The special and extraordinary charisma of our work will convince you!

Car Models

Extravagant, sporty or elegant - we design all cars in the desired standards, appropriately tailored to the needs of our customers. The design impresses with uniqueness and that makes our work so special! On request, we are happy to produce for you (especially for the car industry) some examples. Through inspiration we create together an unprecedented appearance and create upon request unique collectables.

Designer Pen

Important and memorable moments in your life, are sealed with a signature! With a specially designed and made for you pens, these moments are particularly influential. Support your individual handwriting with an especially for you developed unique pen!


Your glasses will be the highlight! The time of inconspicuous reading glasses are over. Long since the glasses will be used as a fashion accessory and makes us modern. We make your eyeglass frame and forms with artistic nature a eye catcher. Through us, you will receive the "certain something", thus clearly differs from the other racks. We set the trends of tomorrow and will make an eye-catcher.


Nature is shapely and impresses with varied colors and shapes. Our vases are unique as the nature and have an outstand design. Are you collecting vases? A collector's item from us is a must! But also for the artful design of your home, a designed vase by us gives your room a new flair.


Watch the people on your shoes and you can see who is in front of you. As different as the walk of the people, so are our shoes: sexy, elegant or graceful ... Through our development their shoes get a spirited expression with verve, vigor and energy.


If you want to get everyone's attention, then you've come to the right place. Dilated pupils, interested and curious glance - this is often the response to our work. Our products are outstanding. If want to get individuality, our ideas and product developments will deserve you.


The range of merchandising products include pendants, sculptures, model cars, cutlery, pots, vases, figurines, mugs, pens, kits, models, lighters, glasses, key chains and many other things. Talk to us and we build your prototypes and support your projects.

Directions & Contacts

Uwe Porombka
Raabestraße 16
49477 Ibbenbüren

Telefon: 05451 4413920
Email: anfrage@uwe-porombka.de

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